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It was a average day in the woods, a pack of 6 wolves were in search of a new den since the'rye old one got ravaged by people. The wolf pack was just like any other ordinary pack all of them were timber wolves three pups one pack member that was just a fellow friend and of course one alpha male named Red and a alpha female named Ari and their three pups Shadow, Opal, and Amber, and the other fellow pack member max. As they were walking along the forest floor they stumbled across a red wolf that looked disturbingly as if it was starving for months, red glared at the wolf as a warning as he tries to lead the pack away from the wolf, but then the wolf struck at red without any hesitation it was too fast for any of the rest of the pack to react  Shadow was disgusted and horrified by the scene and so we're the rest of the pack max wanted to take action so he attacked the wolf but it blocked his attack and killed max in the most grusem way first the wolf pinned him to the ground and smiled in the most twisted mannor ,then stuck its claws into maxes eye sockets which caused Max to scream and whine in agony and he tore out his throat finally ending his surffering.Ari quickly took her pups away from the wolf before anymore harm was done later on they found a den in time for the night, what's left of the pack were all sleeping soundly except for Shadow he kept having flashbacks to that moment with the lifeless corpses of his now dead father and friend, it started to make him sick to my stomach he went outside to look at the sky hoping it would calm him. ( W.i.p)
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The day was cold and damp, a ordanary pack of 6 wolves a grey wolf named shadow wolf,his mother named snow,his father red, his two sisters, crystal, opal,and his friend blue ,but as the pack walked along the forest they stumbled across a lone wolf which looks as if they have been starving with red under fur and grey the rest ,the pack walked past the wolf but,as they were trying to avoid the other wolf the lone wolf strikes at red without anytime for red to react the lone wolf torn out his throat with blood filled teeth but the pack had to run away without looking back but the wolf followed their trail later that day the wolf striked again but this time it was at blue this time shadow tried attacking the lone wolf but he already shoved him away ,the lone wolf had then killed blue but shadow tried attacking the lone wolf again but the lone wolf pinned shadow to the ground just as the wolf was was bloody with a disturbing grin and eyes like small dots not like any other wolf hes ever seen as the wolf was about to kill him opal rammed into the lone wolf causing the wolf to crash to the ground but ran off while dragging the bloody corpse of blue, the pack settled at a den trying to forget what happened to blue and reds horrific death shadow lying quietly in darkness and tried to sleep it off soon the next day shadow herd someone so he went outside as walked outside out of he had witnessed a scientist with black messy hair a white lab coat with round glasses the scientist had a car and a animal net with him and he also had a nametag and his name was Rick he had then went searching shadow tried waking up his mother and she woke up noticing Rick she tried hiding shadow and his two sisters but it was to late he had already found them Rick violently kicked Shadows mother out the way but as he tried doing that his mother snapped at him and growled rick kicked her to  a side of they're  and tried picking up shadow again but she jumped up on his back and tried killing him but rick took out a knife and stabbed her in the stomach and tried getting her off again but she didnt move she was about bite at ricks neck but he stabbed her neck she fell to the ground whimpering in pain as she tried standing back up tears fell from her eyes as she looked at shadow with fear and saddness, shadow tried escaping as he saw his sisters run off but rick shot a sleep dart at shadow before he could causing him to sleep later that day shadow woke up finding himself in a cage medium sized cage seeing other wolves that looked as if theyve been there for years , he tried escaping the cage but kept failing shadow just stopped himself knowing it wont do any good but then rick walked near his cage and snatched him out and putted a muzzle on him tightly and took him to a silver table and held him down with metal cuffs ,shadow tried escaping but couldn't and rick stuck a long cold needle in his fur rick:" damnit this has to work one day.."rick threw shadow back in his cage and started working on the this syrum again shadow growled and snarled in his cage hoping to make rick fear him but then rick got up and threw a bottle at his cage rick:"quit it mutt!!!" Shadow stopped completely and tried breaking the door of the cage down but then the scientist but the scientist snatched shadow and shook him violently rick:" shut up already!!" Shadow clawed at the ricks face but rick threw shadow to the ground took out a knife the knife he used on snow and stabbed his leg to the bone,shadow letted out a loud yelp in pain rick mumbled"that might teach you a lesson mutt..." as ripped out the knife he threw shadow back in his cage again but soon years upon years were all abuse and neglect rick finally got the syrium right rick set shadow down on the table and stuck the needle in his fur with the needle and it finally worked shadow felt strange but he soon he turned into a human rick:"yes finally it works!!" rick shoves him in a larger cage so he could fit a bit soon he tried teaching Shadow how to do many things but later that day Shadow was done he was through being ricks test victim Shadow found out he could sneak his hand through the cell cage and unlocked it with the key near as he escape his prison like cage and had also found out the syrium rick gave him didnt fully work so he wasnt fully human so he can turn back into a wolf as he did he ran to Rick with black slime like substance foaming from his mouth and then he bit Rick but he missed his neck and instead bit his shoulder Rick screamed in pain but as he did Shadow ran out that lab hoping he found the exit but instead he found a room with animal corpse and that smelled like over a million dead animals he stood there frozen in fear as he stared but then rick grabbed shadow by the neck from behind and strangled him trying to suffocate shadow but shadow had then bitten his hand rick dropped him and screamed in pain once again holding his bleeding hand and now shadow had then ran out the true exit  he ran to the woods without ever going or looking back. 
I was at the pizzaria eating pizza with freddy and the others until i heard somone was at the door and i told freddy to open it and he was being a big fat buthole ps.dont tell him i called him that. and when i opened th door smile dog and jeff the killer was outside and then jeff said hey wanna hang out and i was like sure but where are we going?And jeff said where just going to my place and when i went to his place It WAS SOOOOOO cool =3 but until i saw smile dog eating a little kid and i was like fuck this shit im out and i was about to run out but then jeff closed and locked the door and jeff smiled and he grabed a axe and he said go to sleep and your probleby wondering how did i write this story well mangle was worried about me soo she went to jeff's house and then she locked up jeff and smile dog in our basement and i didn't even know we had a basement and mangle fixed me so well thats the end and btw smile dog and jeff are rght behind u hehehe have fun. Adventure Mangle Chat Icon